How to Apply

Application Deadline

The application deadline is Tuesday, November 27, 2018 (by midnight).

[notification type=”alert-danger” close=”false” ]Since the deadline has passed, no further applications are being accepted.[/notification]

Application Form

Complete the online application form, with information about your eligibility, priority focus, school or institution, teaching field (or field of study), any digital media skills you may have, and prior overseas experiences or interest in travel.

Please carefully review the application requirements on this page, and the expectations of participants, including the cost-sharing expenses expected of participants, the time commitments to this project both before and after the travel, as well as the 4-week seminar in Indonesia. Have your application files (see below) completed and available to upload (preferably in PDF format) before beginning your online application.

Application Files

Three (3) separate files are required for your application to be considered: Personal Narrative, current CV or Résumé, and contact information for two Recommenders.

A. Personal Narrative Document

An essential aspect of your application is the Personal Narrative. Address the following, sequentially and with sub-headings, in a document of no more than 4 pages (single-spaced, 12 point font, 1-inch margins):

  1. Why are you interested in Indonesia?
  2. How would you integrate material related to Indonesian history, culture, and/or the arts into your teaching? Mention specific content, lesson ideas, materials, etc.
  3. How might your professional goals be enhanced through participation in this project? Also, how would you share knowledge and materials from this project with colleagues, locally and throughout North Carolina?
  4. What unique skills, experiences, and/or background do you have that would make you qualified to join this group seminar and curriculum development project?
  5. What aspects of travel to and within Indonesia do you anticipate would be challenging to you? How would you overcome such obstacles?

B. Current CV or Résumé

Include your current curriculum vitae or résumé, including your current position, the name and location of your school or university, and courses that you teach and/or plan to teach in the future (3 pages maximum).

C. List of Recommenders

Provide the name and contact information for two (2) people we can contact in support of your application. Recommender #1 must be your current supervisor (principal, department head, or if you are a student, a supervising professor). Recommender #2 can be a colleague or instructor familiar with your interests, teaching, and goals. Do not supply letters of recommendation. If short-listed we will contact your recommenders by email and/or phone, so please notify your recommenders that they may be contacted (1 page maximum).